VIDA·K160 Exogenous Ketone Drink Mix


VIDA·K160 Is a breakthrough all-natural, zero-carb, exogenous ketone drink mix formulation that rapidly provides mental and physical performance and supports weight management.

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Keto is, Vida

VIDAK160 Is a break-through all-natural, zero-carb, exogenous ketone formulation that rapidly provides mental and physical performance, and supports weight management. Whether you are looking to support healthy aging, a powerful workout, or improve cognition to support mental stamina, our mental focus VIDA·K160 is the supplement that can get your metabolism working towards your goals. Our VIDA·K160 Fat-burning formulation provides a very different pharmacology and incremental research-supported metabolic enhancement over bhb alone.

• Natural Energy (non-Jittery)
• Improves Mental Performance and Memory
• Improves Stamina & Physical Performance
• Feeling of Alertness
• Pre-Workout Supplement
• Study-Stamina Supplement
• Facilitates us of fat as energy substrate
• Facilitates Ketosis and Ketogenesis
• Keto Flu preventative

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 50 mm


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VIDA-K160 Exogenous Keytone Drink MixVIDA·K160 Exogenous Ketone Drink Mix

Availability: In stock