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Our products have advanced health and wellness in several key areas, including gut health, nutritional supplementation, and immune support. New formulas are always in development to address the changing needs of humanity.

  • VIDA-S0 Low Glycemic Sweetener Nutritional Label
    Natural Sweeteners

    VIDA·S0 Low Glycemic Sweetener

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    It’s a low glycemic sweetener to help you kick the sugar habit. It tastes amazing and delivering sugar-like mouthfeel without the calories or serum sugar spike.

  • VIDA-K160 Exogenous Keytone Drink Mix

    VIDA·K160 Exogenous Ketone Drink Mix

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    VIDA·K160 Is a breakthrough all-natural, zero-carb, exogenous ketone drink mix formulation that rapidly provides mental and physical performance and supports weight management.

  • VIDA-C14 30 Capsules

    VIDA-C14: The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

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    Get fast relief from pain and swelling with VIDA-C14, a powerful anti-inflammatory 14x stronger than Ibuprofen & ASA. Enjoy improved health & active living today!