Zero Carb Sweetner


Sweetness on the go,
that keeps you on the go.

VIDA-S0 is an all natural zero-carbohydrate, zero-calorie sweetener with a focus on looking and tasting like sugar, that helps with the transition from the detrimental affects of the free radicals caused by the addiction of all sugars, on the body & mind (backed by data and research), while giving the balance of an natural plant base sweetness without the serum sugar spike, and affecting the glycemic index and loads on the body i.e. Blood-Sugar levels…

VidaCeuticals Vida-S0 was formulated for all ages, in two formats to meet the daily lives of kitchen & food creations, along with offering dissolvable tablets format for your favorite beverages, or to take on the go for when sweetness is desired.


  • Perfect for coffee, tea, or sparkling water
  • Stir into any liquid beverage
  • Children can consume it safely
  • Use it with sugar to lower the sugar requirement per serving• No Sugar
  • Low- Zero glycemic index
  • Supports serum blood sugar control
  • Reduce appetite and carbohydrate consumption
  • Plant based sweetness that tastes like sugar